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Description: Aluminum airplane painted for the Las Vegas Airport. Description: Ranch logo for estate entrance on Aluminum surface. Description: Airbrushed design on skateboard deck using waterbased acrylic airbrush colors.. Description: Airbrushed logo on leather for a club in Chattanooga, TN. Description: Airbrushed design on professional wrestler's tights using fabric textile paints. Heat setting is used to prevent fading. Description: Airbrushed body suit painted for No Worries Entertainment in Atlanta Georgia. Description: Airbrushed backdrop for a photographer in Atlanta. Description: Freehand flames painted on tattoo shop bookshelf using waterbased paints. Description: Custom painted bowling pins to display paint techniques. Description: Airbrushed mural that I painted on a new basketball court in Banks County. Description: Airbrushed surfboard table tops for a bar in Athens, GA. Description: Airbrushed logo on professional poker table. Description: Airbrushed football logo painted on pool table material. Description: Airbrushed Star Wars theme from cartoon painted on computer case using basecoat urethanes. Description: Custom airbrushed design painted on wrestling tights using textile fabric paints. Description: Airbrushed design painted on automotive tire cover. Description: Airbrushed logo painted on a leather vest for wrestler in Japan. Description: Airbrushed design painted on straw cowboy hat. Description: Airbrushed boogie board painted for the CEO of Home Depot in Atlanta, GA. Description: Airbrush pearl and gold effects for bridal company. Description: Airbrushed design painted on an aluminum airplane. Description: Airbrush Darth Vader design painted on computer case. Description: Airbrushed high tech design on a computer case. Description: Custom airbrushed design and portrait on leather shoes. Description: Airbrushed effects on museum set in south Georgia. Description: Airbrushed design on helicopter fuselage. E -Tac Paints.
Description: Window curtains painted with flourescent E-Tac acrylic textile paints for a blacklight room. The peace signs glow in low light. Description: This is carpet that I airbrushed to look like wood. It was originally a tan short nap, and I used waterbased acrylic textile paints for the wood grain.
Description: Body painting at an art event in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Description: Airbrushed lettering on roller skates using waterbased acrylic airbrush colors. This is a wine bottle that we painted with transparent red urethane. We then pinstriped the bottle on each side using House Of Kolor pinstriping enamel. Then we clear coat the designs.  These will be for sale very soon on another sister website. Description: Tire Cover for Brandon Mosley that was drafted by the New York Giants. He is originally from Jefferson, Georgia. This was given to him by his good friends in Jefferson to go on his new Jeep. Description: This is a cheerleading megaphone that we painted purple. We then airbrushed the cheerleader's portrait and used automotive urethane clear coat. Description: These are cornhole games that we airbrushed for a client in Atlanta, Georgia. We applied an automotive clear coat to the surface to ensure longevity while being outside in the elements. Description:This is a convertible BMW wind screen that I painted for a Jerry Garcia fan from "The Grateful Dead". I painted the design from an original album cover that is out of print. This is a two way mesh. The art can't be seen from the other side. Description: This is a Tuxedo jacket that we painted for an entertainer in the Bahamas. We used three shades of blue and plenty of airbrush time. The client was very pleased with the results. Let us know if we can paint a custom project for you. Description: This is a very old horsey that we airbrushed and pintriped for a restoration project. It is a family Heirloom. Description: These are metal covers for the inside of a 100 yr. old floor safe. I painted these on location at their shop location in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This is before clear coating. Description: This is a tennis racquet that I painted for a Invention Company in Atlanta, GA.  It is a weighted racquet that can have weight added to it through the grip area which is made of aluminum. Description: This is a remote controlled car that we painted with water based realistic flames and urethane clear coating