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Description: This is custom freehand airbrush artwork of the Monster Truck "Grave Digger". We airbrushed this baseball catcher's helmet with urethane paints and automotive clear coat. Description: Custom airbrushed halfshell helmet painted with House Of Kolor silver metallic and a Root Beer Kandy. We added extra airbrushed rivets to the helmet to match the original ones. Description: This is a custom airbrushed half shell helmet that we airbrushed for a client in North Georgia.  We used House Of Kolor pinstriping paint to do the freehand outlines around the flames. The paint for the flames is Kameleon. Description: This is a custom airbrushed helicopter helmet with radio unit inside. The theme is the U.S. flag waving in the wind. We used 6 coats of clear to make the strips smooth on the surface.
All helmets at Next Level Airbrush are airbrushed using automotive urethane base coats. And every helmet is also sprayed with 3 coats of high solids clear coat. Our high end airbrushed helmet artwork can be in the range of $300 - $500 dollars on average. We have airbrushed helmets for professional clients in the price ranges of $1,000 - $2,000 dollars. But a lot of our clients opt for the lower price ranges. And we use a lower solids clear coating process for the Half-shell and hockey helmets which is still a great automotive finish that you can see on many cars on the street. The price ranges for these type helmets are from $100 - $200 dollars. But our motorcycle helmets are clear coated with a high solids PPG clear. And the finish is the same as what you would see on a show-bike.
Description: This is custom freehand airbrush artwork painted with transparent Kandy colors. This is a helmet that we painted for a client in Woodstock GA. We used House of Kolor paints for the project. Description: This was custom airbrushed and painted on a half shell motorcycle helmet using House Of Kolor urethane base coats. We used a high solids clear coat on the surface. Description: This is our version of green realistic flames painted with a metallic metal flake that will really sparkle in the sunlight. We used House of Kolor paints on the project.
Description: This is a paint ball mask that I painted with a skull design using waterbased acrylics with automotive clear coating.
Description: This is a freehand firebird logo from the movie "Smokey And The Bandit". We used gold metallic pinstriping with a Pagan Gold transparent Kandy coat. Then we added  3 coats of high solids clear. Description: This is a Harley Half Shell helmet that I painted for a woman that wanted a pet that had past away. We also added blue stylized flames to the sides and a night sky using urethane basecoats. Description: These are racing helmets for 2 brothers that race junior dragsters in the southeastern U.S. I used red and blue pearl in the paints to give them a sparkle effect. Description: This is a WW2 fighter pilot theme that I painted for a family in Winder, GA. Their baby will have to wear the helmet for 6 months.