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Description: Metal flake custom flames with dark blue base. Description: Custom painted flames for a guitarist in Atlanta. Description: Marblizer painted on bass guitar for a band in Georgia. Description: Metal flake rebel flag design with high solids clear. Description: Custom airbrushed Eddie VanHalen design on guitar body. Description: Custom freehand design for a band in Atlanta. Description: Custom made guitar effects pedal painted for a guitarist. Description: Custom made guitar effects pedal with old school flames. Description: Custom Made guitar effects box with original design. Description: Custom restored flying V guitar for a guitarist in Georgia. Description: Custom airbrushed guitar for a guitarist in Atlanta. Description: The Ghost Rider theme airbrushed on guitar case. Description: Band Logo painted on bass drumhead for a band in Georgia. Description: Custom painted guitar head stock with guitarist's name.
Over the past 20 years I've been around guitars, and people who know how to play and work on guitars. I've learned from experience how to do a lot of tricks in order to properly restore a finish or completely customize the surface. A lot of the guitars were painted with lacquer finishes from the factory in the beginning, but these days guitars are painted with a base- coat clear-coat system in most cases which is much more durable in the long run. This is how we approach an airbrushed guitar project, and the surface is always buffed to a professional finish every time. Just let us know if you want us to create a playable work of art for you. 1.800.259.6080.
Description: This is a brandywine Kandy flame design with a silver metallic base on a "Jackson" electric guitar. Description: Kandy Apple Red with a silver marblizer effect. Brandywine pick guard with silver base. Description: This is an acoustic hardshell case that I airbrushed for an up and coming singer/songwriter in Jefferson, GA. Description: Custom built Telecaster style guitar with a Rootbeer Pearl and Tangerine and Yellow Kandy basecoats. It also has 6 coats of House Of Kolor clear coat.