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Description: Stylistic flames painted using House Of Kolor candy basecoats. This is painted on a 68 Camaro. Description: Airbrushed mural of the Earnhardt race cars painted on a truck tailgate. We used urethane basecoats and high solids clear. Description: Airbrushed collage for my old airbrush company. I wanted to show the different type of styles we offer at our company. Description: Airbrushed mural on a hood of a speaker system. This van competes professionally around the country for Kicker speaker systems. Description: Airbrushed portrait of Dale Earnhardt on metal using urethane basecoats. This was for a serious Earnhardt fan in Atlanta. Description: Airbrushed mural of the Earnhardt race cars painted on a truck tailgate. This was for a client in Atlanta Georgia. Description: Dale Earnhardt Jr. portrait painted on metal using House of Kolor base coats. This is painted on a truck tailgate. Description: Wildlife scene airbrushed on tailgate using a basecoat clearcoat system. Then Professionally buffed. Description: Airbrushed mural of large mouth bass painted with PPG basecoat paints. We used high solid clear for this project. Description: Airbrushed alligator mural painted on a metal tire cover using urethane basecoats and panel clear. Description: Truck tailgate wolf mural painted using PPG urethane basecoats and high solids clear. Description: Engine compartment display mural painted for a show car in Duluth Georgia. The mural has the owner serving drinks. Description: Wildlife scenic mural painted for a female competitive bike rider. We used House of Kolor base coats with high solids clear coat. Description: Realistic flames using House of Kolor candy basecoats. Painted with Omni 3000 airbrushes and custom paint shields.
Description: This is a hoodliner for a 2009 Corvette. This was a rough surface to paint on, but it turned out very nice. We used waterbased airbrush paints on the surface. Description: This is nose art that I airbrushed for the aircraft fighter plane "The Dragon". You can see them in America at air shows doing aerial dog fights. Description: This is a mural that we painted on a motor home vehicle. We used transparent kandy colors with a white pearl. The flag was then clear coated with a brown tint to give it an aged look. The motor home is painted with metallic brown color scheme
All our automotive murals are painted with the best paints on the market. We use House Of Kolor and PPG urethane base coats. And we also use water based acrylic paints when necessary. The waterborne paints aren’t as flammable, and are preferred on the race cars that we paint. All our murals are clear coated with 4 coats of high solids clear. And our projects are cut and buffed with a 3 polish technique to a professional shine when our clients want a show car finish. We have been around the custom automotive industry since our first mural in 1988. We quickly advanced with help from show car painters, and some great paint and body artists. Today we know how to get it done, and make the paint hold up for decades.
Description: This is a stylistic flame design that we painted on a red Ford Mustang with pearl finish. We used House Of Kolor Kandy colors for the flames. And there is a Cobra design in the middle of the flames. This is a 1955 "Rat Rod" Station Wagon that we painted with an American Flag Theme using waterbased automotive paints and urethane clear coat. Description: This is a tailgate that I painted for a cancer survivor. The design is a butterfly tribal design that I freehanded using PPG waterborne paints. Description: These are some Dodge Challenger "Coil pack covers" that I painted for a show car in Florida. They had been painted before by someone, but the owner wanted a bit of a different look. They match much better now, and have 3 coat of clear coat bu Description: This is an underhood mural that we painted on a fiberglass Cobra Mustang. I used red metal flake on the cobra. And House Of Color Kandy colors for the flames. Description: This is a show car hood with a red metal flake Cobra design that we painted on this fiberglass hood. The flames are House Of Kolor kandy colors. The client wanted more of an orange look to the flames with the cobra built into the design. Description: This is a Kandy House Of Kolor design that I painted on a Camaro in Tennessee. Description: This is part of a dragster project that I painted for a client in Dublin, GA. He races a rail dragster in the 1/8th mile class. This is influenced by Mike Levallee in Washington State. Description: Roushe Mustang painted with waterbased paints on a folding Sun screen. We then applied clear coat to protect the artwork from fading. Description: This is a hood liner that I painted for a Dodge Challenger show car located in Florida. Description: This is part of a rail dragster project with skulls painted inside the flames with House Of Kolor Kandy Flames on Kandy apple red basecoat. We use high solids clear coating on all our automotive projects. Description: This is a drag racing engine scoop that we painted with House Of Kolor urethanes. It has a silver base and Kandy Apple Red. We added custom lettering and flames in the background on each side. Clear coated with high solids clear. Description: Custom airbrush mural on mustang GT. This is a desert scene with a wild mustang running with Chameleon paint for the wording. The paint is House Of Kolor urethane base coats with high solids clear coating. Description: This is an underhood mural that we painted on an aluminum panel. The metal was pop riveted to the surface and clear coated with 2K clear. Description: This is a fiberglass front end for a drag racing truck. We painted the frontend to look like a Chevrolet S-10 Pickup. Then clear coated with High Solids clear coating.