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All our T Shirts are airbrushed using the best quality airbrush paints in the world. Our prices range from $20 - $85 dollars on average depending on difficulty of the design. After each T shirt is completed, it is sprayed with a clear-coat then heat set to add life to the colors of the design. When washing our T shirts please turn the shirt inside out, wash in cold water, and let air dry to also ad life to the design.
Description: Airbrushed Hellboy Character on Black Shirt with bleach technique on Hanes 100% cotton t shirt.
Description: Airbrushing on black shirt with bleaching technique. This is a freehand painting of the character "Predator". Description: I call this one "Your driving me CRAZY" Description: This is a cartoon character of Robert De Niro that I copied from one of my favorite character artist for  fun on a black t shirt. Description: Painted on a black shirt with wicked createx colors. Description: This is a black shirt with a bleaching technique. We apply a clear coat on all our t shirts to ad more durability to the artwork. Description: This is a multi colored name design, and the price is $15.00 plus t shirt. Description: This is a 68 GTO that I airbrushed on a black shirt with Wicked brand airbrush paints and Omni 3000 airbrushes.
Description: This is a company shirt design that we worked on for an event we did at Hurricane Shoals. The Shirt has a bleached technique and a pinstriping influence to the design. Description: This is one of the shirts for a team that competed in the Dirty Girls Mud Run at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlant, Georgia.
Description: Airbrushed team design on blue hoodies with custom block lettering. We clear coat and heatpress each of our garments to increase the longevity of the airbrush designs.