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Next Level Airbrush offers airbrush lessons at an hourly rate of 40 dollars per hour. We offer training for the beginner to advanced. We work individually with you to make sure that you grasp the information being taught to you by our instructors. In our beginning class, you will learn basic techniques all the way down to how to hold an airbrush to how to do effects such as fades and dagger strokes. We will talk about supplies and brands of airbrushes to use in order to achieve your desired artwork. Appointments can be made to take one class per week until you reach the advanced level of our training. In our advanced classes you will learn techniques that will take you to the next level of your airbrushing career. For instance how to mix automotive paints, surface preparation all the way to starting with a metal surface. Clear-coat techniques,taping,masking, and using transparent paints to create effects such as realistic flames,smoke,glass etc. So give us a call today at 1.800.259.6080 and we can set an appointment for you to become an airbrush artist in this ever changing field of smoking mirrors:) Location: Jefferson, GA 30549 Please Call to make appointment.