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Next Level Airbrush is owned and operated by Taff Stephens. A.K.A  “Taz” with 25 years of airbrush experience you can bet that your airbrush project will have a professional finish every time.  Next Level Airbrush is located in Jefferson, GA and serves all of the state of Georgia. But if you live out of state, We can still work with you. Just contact us and mail your item that you want painted to us with a 50% deposit which is negotiable. And we should be able to get it back to you in about 2 weeks with the current work schedule. We accept Pay Pal on-line and checks through mail order. Our phone number is 1.800.259.6080. The shop hours are from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Taff Stephen’s career started in high school working at a mall kiosk airbrushing T shirts, and the money helped him buy custom parts for his cars growing up. This became an obsession that led to airbrushing automotive murals and figuring out how it get that show car quality in his work.  Well, he spent a lot of time in the automotive shops throughout his early twenties. He was floating around trying to figure it all out. But then along came the computer art age, and he decided to move to Dallas, TX and major in Computer Animation. This consumed every waking moment for the next 3 years, but he did continue airbrushing as a hobby. Well, he tried the Computer Animation field for a few years working with 3D environments and special effects artist. But the field quickly became saturated with everyone from around the world. And in the 3D field, you have to work constantly to upgrade your demo-tape and relentlessly send it out to companies with almost no reception whatsoever. I guess its like a musician trying to get a record deal shopping their musical demo to record companies. So Taff decided to go back to airbrushing and treat it more like a business venture. Well, he says its been a very fun ride ever since. It is hard work, and even unhealthy with all the paint fumes. But you get to meet a lot of interesting people, and I actually like the travel side of the business. Currently Taff is working on developing another website to showcase is artwork as art prints. He figures this is going to be an adventure that will last for the rest of his career. He says that hopefully it will be residual income that will keep money in hand to travel and see the world.